Handyman Services

When trouble comes, it is good to know someone to call that you can trust in and depend on.  Do you really need to hire a certified plumber, carpenter, electrician, painter or other exclusive provider every time?  Well, you can but you don't have to when most problems are very simple to resolve.  Unless you have someone in the family that will help or a friend of a friend, how do you decifer the quality of one service provider from the other?   PROPERTY SOLUTIONS has survived since 1984 mostly by word of mouth.


Is the yellow pages or a random coupon a safe bet or now with the internet perhaps you have a better chance?  You can find us on Angies List.

At PROPERTY SOLUTIONS, we think word of mouth is still the best way and so is one reliable full service source for all your property concerns.


Contact us:    Get to know us and you will program us to your speed dial !!!