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View these before, during and after photos to see what our hands can accomplish given the opportunity, you contact us, we will make it right.  All made possible once confidence was extended our way.

Damaged and rotted wood on these planter benches now restored.

Stationary windows replaced here with windows that open and have screens.

We resecured this third elevation flashing that was flapping in the wind.

We found an exact replacement for this damaged bollard light fixture.

Concrete posts were requested here to protect brick entrance corners.

See how we helped bring order to this once chaotic garage

Water errosion near this high profile entrance finally made the priority list.

A spongy floor here caused grout to become brittle and deteriorate.

When replacement of split rail fence posts or rails becomes necessary...

 Ceramic tile is just more practical in this medical facility x-ray closet.

Landlord wanted floor fixed on a tight budget so we replaced the bad half.

Signs of wear can be corrected without having to paint, simple solutions.

Spruced up this lake house that had a collaping ceiling and rough loooking walls.

An incoming server in the closet had no local power so we installed an isolated ground dedicated outlet directly to the panel.


Roof leak damaged both wall and carpet, we repaired both and painted.

Glass supported by rotten wood has settled to create an open gap at the top, we saved both these owners big money without replacing windows.

Is it open gaps around windows, we can give you a quality caulk job ! 

This abandon telephone booth was removed and concrete repaired.

Peeling paint on this overhang section proved worse then first thought.

Support post for above balcony was compromised and needed reconstruction.

Sheriff's Department forced entry of evicted tenant space causing damage.

Landlord didn't want to pay for a new door so we fixed the old one.

Rotten cedar on this entrance column needed replaced before painting

Rotten wood at cedar window trim invites insects, drafts and water leaks.

This concrete stoop ended up needing repair from water penetration.

Post office will not deliver until box is fixed, we got the call.

New insulation and drywall before listing this property was a good idea.

Answered the call to stop this building flashing from flapping in the wind.

In Chicagoland, you can get the real estate contract signed and take the sign down sooner with the help of PROPERTY SOLUTIONS.  


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